Stop Giving Bad Resume Advice!

January 9, 2014 in Resumes

Like RIGHT NOW! Here we are in 2014, a full decade into the new millennium and there are still some recruiters, job coaches and hiring authorities giving terribly bad resume advice. I guess I must say this, there are many who give great advice for job searching in the age of technology and social media, but there are those that
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That Resume Isn’t Going to Fix Its Self

January 6, 2014 in Job Tips, Resumes

Just thinking about it won’t do the trick. Putting it off until tomorrow will not help you get a new career opportunity. If a high powered connection were to call you today and present an opportunity to you and all you need to do is supply your resume or career vitae, would you be ready or would you have to
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Have it All in 2014

January 2, 2014 in Career Coaching, Job Tips, Recruitment

Have It All in 2014! Well, why not? You’ve worked hard to complete your education and certifications. You’ve got experience. You survived the recession – many people did not – so why not have it all in 2014? Fact! For those of us that make new resolutions, getting a new job, making more money and getting in shape are at the
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So What It’s Christmas, Recruiters Still Recruit

December 19, 2013 in Job Tips, Recruitment, Resumes

So What It’s Christmas, Recruiters Are Still Looking for Top Talent. We’re going to keep this one short and sweet. The title says it all. Recently I wrote an article for David Smooke and my good friends over at SmartRecruiters called “The Holiday Hiring Boom”. The main point of the article was that companies still look for top talent during
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LinkedIn is Irrelevant!

December 11, 2013 in Career Coaching, Job Tips, Resumes

LinkedIn is Irrelevant! Surprised I would say such a thing? I mean I am an HR guy and Expert Resume Writer. I help people “Pimp” their LinkedIn Profiles, so how could I say it’s irrelevant? Well it is but guess what? You need an account anyway. It’s kind of like college, we know college is not for everyone but what
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Recruiter’s Corner with Sabrina L. Baker, PHR

December 9, 2013 in Job Tips, Recruitment

In this installment of the Recruiter’s Corner we have Sabrina L. Baker, PHR out of Chicago, IL,. she owns Acacia HR Solutions. I love having guests like her because once upon a time she was in the job hunt herself. She developed a knack for helping people get hired (sound familiar) now she’s a career coach, job coach and expert
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Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile

December 5, 2013 in Job Tips, Resumes

What Should Your LinkedIn Profile Look Like? Well, I’m going to help you pimp your LinkedIn profile! You need a LinkedIn account. 225 million users can’t be wrong, right?  If you can afford it you need a premium account because it allows you more access and options. I’ve also read that a premium account places you higher in recruiter’s searches.
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Okay, I’m Wrong - Recruiters Do Read Cover Letters!

December 2, 2013 in Resumes

Okay, I’m Wrong – Recruters DO Read Cover Letters I’ve never been a fan of the cover letter. Ever since 1999 when I was asked to screen applicants for open positions; cover letters were either boring or they were hilarious and not the kind of hilarious that makes you want to hire someone – oh no. The kind of hilarious
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Somewhere, Someone Reading This Article Hates Their Job!

November 27, 2013 in Career Coaching, Resumes, Social Recruiting

Right now, somewhere, someone reading this article hates their job. Even during the holiday season. They are thinking, “When will I get out of this hell hole?” They are wondering how much longer must they put up with the foolishness going on around them? I understand. I hated my job once as well. There are no easy answers.  Here’s what
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Recruiter’s Corner w/ Mike Chuidian

November 25, 2013 in Recruitment

On this edition of the Recruiter’s Corner Mike Chuidian aka the Rad Recruiter talks about his passion for recruiting and helping others get placed. We also discuss his love of Nike shoes, kinda awesome. Check out the video and connect with Mike Chuidian on LinkedIn here and on Twitter here and visit his website “The Rad”