Résumés’ Aren’t That Damn Important, Are They?

We need them – some are good – most aren’t. We all think we can write them ourselves – we’re somewhat embarrassed to ask for help with them – No one wants to spend money on them– yet the crux of everything that matters to us depends on our resumes. I spend a fair amount […]


If Your Friends Can’t Refer You…?

Over 60% of employees were hired through a referral.  Just about everyone who is working was referred or has been referred at some point in their careers. You’ve heard the old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Today it’s easier than ever to know someone, social media puts the power of […]

Old resume

Executive Resumes: The Old Way of Doing Things Is Dead

All executives (at least all that I know) want to show that they can come into a company, break everything down and make it faster, better, stronger and leaner. They want to convince you that they will lead your company into the next level of performance efficiency and innovation because…well, they are executives and they’ve […]


The College Conundrum: Jobs, Loans and Resumes

It’s that time of the year – commencement ceremonies are all around us. Young people (and not so young) are graduating from college after working hard and earning their degrees. However the party won’t last for long because those pesky student loans are breathing down their necks. According to a recent article written by Akbar […]