The Resurrection of the Résumé

If you Google “Resumes are dead” you will get 12,000,000 results in .031 seconds. A lot of people believe that the resume is dead. I am here to tell you that they are not. They are alive and well. They have transformed like Optimus Prime! They have different forms but make no mistake…”It’s alive, it’s alive” ala Frankenstein.

Can you name the different resume types?

  1. Chronological
  2. Reverse Chronological
  3. Hybrid
  4. Functional

Those are the most traditional and each has a different purpose but DYK about these?

  1. Facebook resumes
  2. YouTube resumes
  3. Blog resumes
  4. Instagram resumes
  5. Vine resumes
  6. Hangout resumes
  7. Twitter resumes
  8. LinkedIn resumes
  9. Pinterest resumes

Yes, yes y’all, there are many ways to brand and market yourself to employers. Job seekers have used all of these platforms for PROFESSIONAL purposes and gained jobs.

What is a resume? A resume is documentation of your professional work experience, education and skills. So it’s only natural that with the emergence of all these social media networks, mobile technology, social recruiting and the world’s comfort level with communicating – that smart job seekers use this to their advantage.

I am not advising you to have “resume” on each of these networks. But I am tell you to examine your career – some careers are more social than others – more creative than others which means you are able that to your advantage. So if you are a reporter, videos may be the way to go. A reporter can use Vine, Hangouts, and Instagram to market themselves to employers.  How about a journalist, they may use blogging, twitter, or g+. Photographers can use blogs and webpages as portfolios and Pinterest.

So on and so further but even with all the various resume styles for most of us, need a traditional resume.  And the traditional resume is very much alive as well. Ask any of my clients. They are getting jobs, making money and living the dream. It’s important to have a resume that has a direction and shows your value in an attractive, yet relevant way. And my friend China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work Institute said to me “Resumes aren’t dead; dead resumes are dead.”

Is your resume dead?

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