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Who am I? And how did this Resume Crusade get started?

I’m Chris Fields, MLHR (Master of Labor and Human Resources) from the Ohio State University. I have been in HR since 1999 as a former practitioner and currently a consultant.

Since I’ve started this resume journey I’ve been listed on various sites as a resume expert, I’ve helped hundreds of people make lots of money, I’ve been quoted on the Mashable.com article “5 Expert Tips for Following up After a Job Interview” , Monster Thinking’s “5 Resume Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes”, And Oprah’s website Oprah.com “4 Secrets of People Who Always Get the Job Offer”

The Resume Crusade began as a favor to a friend, who knew someone who needed help with their resume. Back when the recession was in full swing  and the unemployment rate was at an all time high, there was much talk about a “skills gap” in the country. Which means employers felt there weren’t enough GOOD - QUALIFIED people to fill the jobs necessary to produce products, goods and services. While assisting my friend with her resume, I noticed that she was very skilled and educated however she did not have a resume that highlighted her abilities. I wondered how many other people - workers - jobseekers - had poor resumes. I quickly learned that there were hundreds  with bad resumes or no resumes at all.

I spoke to many of my HR colleagues and recruiters, and I asked them what are they seeing while screening resumes, and the results were enlightening. They listed all the errors, the formatting issues, the typos, the lies and on and on. I began studying resumes; what’s current, what’s out, what’s in and what’s new. I participated in online Twitter chats with resume writers to get an understanding and appreciation for their work, and I put the word out to my network of personal friends and HR community that I was writing resumes and helping jobseekers.

First my personal friends, stepped up and I worked with them to create a custom resume (no templates here) that best fit their career path, personality and strengths. They started to get calls and jobs offers like never before. Then slowly but surely my HR colleagues asked for help, these are people who see resumes everyday and screen them for a living, but they needed help too.  And now, it has evolved into this website “The Resume Crusade” dedicated to helping people understand all things resumes and the social job search. The Resume game is changing - its not just a piece a paper anymore - its a lot more important than that.

This site will be a place where you can find support, information and discussions on all forms of resumes - paper - online - video - and other creative forms of resume credentialing.

Check out the rest of the site and enjoy.

For resume and career assistance contact me, Chris Fields

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