Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile


What Should Your LinkedIn Profile Look Like? Well, I’m going to help you pimp your LinkedIn profile!

You need a LinkedIn account. 225 million users can’t be wrong, right?  If you can afford it you need a premium account because it allows you more access and options. I’ve also read that a premium account places you higher in recruiter’s searches. So when a recruiter logins in as a recruiter, they can search LinkedIn based on key words and phrases – your profile goes to the top of that list. You can get value from basic account as well but you must be sure the do the following things.


Although pictures on resumes are a no-no, pictures on your LinkedIn profile are a must. It’s also one of my pet peeves when I see a LinkedIn profile with no picture. There is no excuse, you got a phone – you can take a picture. Make it happen. Plus a picture helps legitimizes your profile and helps you shoot up those recruiter searches.


Most people use the heading to advertise for the company they work for instead of their own skills. For instance “Senior Account Executive at YXZ Corporation”. If you are looking for a job, even if you are looking on the down low – drop the company name from your heading. It should read “Senior Account Executive”.


You should change your title around on your heading. Using the Senior Account Executive example from above, once a month you  need to change the title around so for example “Sr. Account Executive”, “Account Executive” , “Senior Level Account Executive” and then rotate them every 3 – 4 weeks. Why? Account maintenance is important on LinkedIn, if you don’t maintain and upkeep your account it will look inactive and stop showing up in searches.  Out of sight, out of mind. Get on LinkedIn and change your heading around periodically.


The summary area shouldn’t be a recount of your resume and cover letter although you should use elements from both – your summary should tell what you do, how you do it,  and to what degree you’ve been successful. And it’s okay to talk about personal interests like hobbies, fitness programs, and affiliations. I’m cautious to advise out to talk about martial status and kids. Some folks take it too far and some recruiters may use it to eliminate (discriminate) against you.


LinkedIn allows you to move and shift things in order of importance.  All you have to do is drag and drop – there is an arrow icon that is located at the right corner of each section while in edit mode. Please move your education and certifications above endorsements and recommendations. Let everyone see what you’ve done first.

**So there you go…if you need help contact me [email protected] you or someone you know needs help with their resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and job search**