So What It’s Christmas, Recruiters Still Recruit


So What It’s Christmas, Recruiters Are Still Looking for Top Talent.

We’re going to keep this one short and sweet. The title says it all. Recently I wrote an article for David Smooke and my good friends over at SmartRecruiters called “The Holiday Hiring Boom”.

The main point of the article was that companies still look for top talent during the holidays and the 4th quarter. The response has been very positive. See there is/was a myth that companies don’t hire at the end of the year. Well that’s not true. I personally know several people who started new jobs in December and others you have accepted offers which start in January of 2014.

Companies don’t stop looking – and recruiters don’t stop recruiting. The problem is that SOME job seekers stop searching during the holidays. So the already thin skilled talent pool becomes even thinner.

I hear it all the time, “I need to wait” or  “I have to get myself together” I’ve even heard someone tell me they hate their current job but they are afraid to look for a new job. Can you imagine being scared to make more money and find happiness? Don’t make excuses and don’t be afraid of success.

As said early, I’m going to keep this short. Here’s the summation.

  1. The aggressive job hunters are still getting interviewed and hired during the holidays
  2. There is not a 4th quarter hiring freeze
  3. Your resume still stinks
  4. You or someone you know needs help
  5. Join the Resume Crusade contact me ‘[email protected]

Happy Holidays and good luck!