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Stability. Everyone wants stability. Many of my potential clients tell me they are looking a Government job or a job in the public sector for stability. I understand stability and security are very important however many of you are missing out on amazing opportunities because you want to work for an established organization. This may […]


2017 Job Tips: Old School Rules Again

2017 Job Tips! Old School Rules Every year there are predictions for every industry imaginable. What’s going to be hot? What’s new? What’s the latest trend? Well as it relates to the job search the biggest question should be, what works? My friend Hannah Morgan aka Career Sherpa asked me and bunch of other well […]

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All Due Respect, No One Is Going To Read Your ENTIRE Resume!

I know you are a big deal and have done some fantastic things but I can’t stress this point enough, no matter how important you are or think you are, no one is going to read your entire resume. Even the amazingly awesome resumes I create, I am sure that no one reads the entire […]