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Defending Your Resume (3 Common Resume Lies)

Can you defend the statements on your resumes? As a human resource professional and expert resume writer I know how to identify resume embellishments…or lies. I like to talk to my clients and ask questions about their current resume – just like in my old interview-screening days. This helps when creating a resume that best […]


Can’t Use LinkedIn Because the Boss is Watching

Can’t Use LinkedIn Because the Boss is Watching More and more of my resume clients are afraid to use LinkedIn. When I explain that LinkedIn has reported over 225,000,000 registered users and the fact there are plenty of job opportunities and companies on LinkedIn, it changes nothing. Then I go on to explain how employers […]


12 Quotes to Inspire Job Seekers

12 Quotes to Inspire Job Seekers  Being unemployed, or as many of us pessimists like to call it “being between jobs”, is not a place people like to be.  Going to interview after interview can be exhausting and a little discouraging, but it is necessary if we want to rejoin the working class. To help you […]


When It’s Time to Quit (2 Weeks Notice part 2)

In May, I published an article “Putting in Your 2 Weeks Notice” and it is the biggest – most viewed – most shared article on the RésuméCrusade website with nearly 1000 views. Each week the article continues to be searched on the net. So I decided to write a sequel. Let’s get right into it […]


12 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People at Work

Guest contribution from Dr. Daniel Crosby - more on him at the bottom of the article. I love #3 and #8. 12 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People at Work Dealing with difficult people in the workplace is something that we all have encountered and will encounter numerous times in the future. Unfortunately, we can’t […]