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The Recruiter’s Corner with guest Tiffany Kuehl

Check out this new video series the Recruiter’s Corner with a special guest recruiter or HR pro each episode. I created this to offer insight into the world of the job search and recruiting. It is my hope that these videos help you get the job of your dreams. My first guest is Mrs. Tiffany […]

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Executive Resumes: The Old Way of Doing Things Is Dead

All executives (at least all that I know) want to show that they can come into a company, break everything down and make it faster, better, stronger and leaner. They want to convince you that they will lead your company into the next level of performance efficiency and innovation because…well, they are executives and they’ve […]

The NEW Resume

Emphasis on the “NEW”. Yes forget what you know or think you know about the resume. There is a lot of information about them being obsolete and outdated. Some folks are even saying that they are dead. Well let me tell you folks, the reports of the resume’s demise are greatly exaggerated. The resume is […]