That Resume Isn’t Going to Fix Its Self


Just thinking about it won’t do the trick. Putting it off until tomorrow will not help you get a new career opportunity.

If a high powered connection were to call you today and present an opportunity to you and all you need to do is supply your resume or career vitae, would you be ready or would you have to wait?

Waiting only works in relationships and even then it gets old.

Opportunity knocks once and if you’re not ready, it moves on to the next person. If I had a nickel for each time someone told me they needed or wanted to wait to get their resume updated I’d be a wealthy man.

Coincidentally, while they are waiting, I have other clients who were ready and have new jobs, making more money. You can keep waiting on the 2% COLA raise if you want.

Your resume is one of the most important documents of your life, its right up there with the birth certificate and credit report. In fact a case can be made that it’s more important.

Let’s talk about success. One of my favorite parts of the resume writing process is the follow up call. When clients call to tell me that they are getting calls - it’s nothing better. To hear the joy and excitement in their voices is truly amazing.

They become my biggest fans and promoters; they tell their spouses, friends and family and then my phone rings or I get an email – and I can’t wait to help them on their journey to job success, all the while other folks are waiting. But you know that resume is not going to fix itself.

There are hundreds of articles to help you update your resume if you are afraid to a hire a professional – good luck. If you are ready to get It done, please contact me because in today’s job market it’s not just your resume – the resume is the first step. You need to have it all together; which includes resumes cover letter, LinkedIn profile and job search tools. You need an expert on your side to help you analyze the situation and create a plan of action.

Why do my resumes get results, well because they are different. They do not look like every other resume on a recruiter’s desk. They can pass an ATS scan and a 6 second recruiter’s scan. See, when you look at resumes all day, you can tell a winner and stinker in less than 6 seconds. But my resumes don’t stink, they are sexy – and sex sells (professionally of course).

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