Have it All in 2014

You Can Have It All

Have It All in 2014!

Well, why not? You’ve worked hard to complete your education and certifications. You’ve got experience. You survived the recession – many people did not – so why not have it all in 2014?

Fact! For those of us that make new resolutions, getting a new job, making more money and getting in shape are at the top of the list.

CareerBuilder is forecasting 25% of companies will hire in the new year. That sounds like a lot of competition right? So what? Competition is everywhere; don’t let that stop you from getting what you’ve worked hard for.

In the past year, I’ve helped some really modest, humble and accomplished people get huge promotions, new jobs, and make a lot of money. That’s rewarding! Although there is a skills gap in the workforce, the bigger problem is the skilled workers don’t know how to highlight themselves as top talent.  A resume writer looks at your situation objectively and uses words which accurately portray your abilities. Many folks are too humble and prefer to understate their accomplishments. It’s my job to use the right words and phrases.

Here’s a secret, most folks do not like their boss, co-workers or job. Yes, even the recruiter that’s calling around to place workers, many of them hate it – just like you.  Then there are folks who long for more challenges. They want to have more responsibility and are tired of waiting for someone to get fired, retire or quit to get it. And finally, you have those that are afraid of the unknown so they just stay put.

Yes, you can have it all in 2014. It requires hard work (check), courage (check), diligence (check) and determination.  Are you determined?

You can have it all this year, but you have to go get it, it won’t land in your lap. If you are ready, contact me. I want to do for you what I’ve done for hundreds of others – BIG THINGS!

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