Somewhere, Someone Reading This Article Hates Their Job!

Right now, somewhere, someone reading this article hates their job.

Even during the holiday season. They are thinking, “When will I get out of this hell hole?”

They are wondering how much longer must they put up with the foolishness going on around them?

I understand. I hated my job once as well.

There are no easy answers.  Here’s what I can tell you. This year I’ve helped hundreds of people with their resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and job searches. I’ve had clients to get instant success, I’ve had others that have taken longer but they all were ready. Occasionally, I will email certain clients to get a progress report and they will have gotten interviews or new jobs.

It takes time and diligence but you can find the job you want. The resume will not get you a job, no sir or ma’am! The resume gets you the interview, you must win the job. However, with a bad resume you won’t get the chance.

Here a few things you need to stop doing right now

Getting Yourself Together: I hear people say this all the time. “I need to get myself together and I’ll call you back.” What does that mean? You need to stop waiting! You need to stop making excuses! You need to start looking now!

Being Stubborn: You need help. The job search has changed. It’s going mobile and social. You need an updated resume that you can send out at a moment’s notice. You need a LinkedIn profile – it’s expected nowadays. You need to be accessible even if you don’t like the internet!

Waiting: I know jobs seekers who are waiting on others to quit or to see if bad coworkers will get better, or waiting to gain more experience…You are only limited by your own perceived limitations. As long as you are educated, skilled and knowledgeable, you can move on. Go now!

Doubting Yourself: You are more talented than you think. I am not suggesting you lie or embellish but I am suggestion you stop being so modest and just accept that you are talented. You’ve done it now talk about it! You have plenty to offer any employer – so own that.

Relaxing: So many folks take their foot off the gas and ease up on the job search. I absolutely hate complacency - its a killer! You should always be looking - always. I don’t care if you get a great job with great pay, there could a better job out there. If your company gives you a “title” promotion - meaning you get a title but no raise, you need to keep looking. If your company gives a dollar or two more an hour, you need to keep looking. If you aren’t being told that you should be “happy to have a job” you need to keep looking. Something will eventually give!

Right now it’s my sincere wish that you get happy in 2014. At the time this article is published I have 4 clients starting new jobs and 2 with interviews scheduled – they didn’t wait. They got tired of being miserable, unchallenged, disrespected and they decided to get happy. It’s your turn.

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