After 5 Years or More, You Find Yourself in the Job Market

Trust me, it’s different now. Laid-off? Sure, it happens. Downsized? You bet! Fired? Unfortunately, it happens every day. We tend to take our foot off the gas pedal when life is good. We stop updating the resume. We get out of touch with what’s happening in the world. We allow our skills to atrophy. We […]


4 Reasons to Hang-Up on a Dumb Recruiter

4 Reasons to Hang-up on a Dumb Recruiter Yeah I said it, “dumb”! This article was inspired by real life dumb interactions with recruiters. Everyone wants a great job. Millions of people are looking for work every day all day. Some companies use that competition as justification for offering subpar compensation and benefits. And some […]


The Resurrection of the Résumé

If you Google “Resumes are dead” you will get 12,000,000 results in .031 seconds. A lot of people believe that the resume is dead. I am here to tell you that they are not. They are alive and well. They have transformed like Optimus Prime! They have different forms but make no mistake…”It’s alive, it’s […]

Somewhere, Someone Reading This Article Hates Their Job!

Right now, somewhere, someone reading this article hates their job. Even during the holiday season. They are thinking, “When will I get out of this hell hole?” They are wondering how much longer must they put up with the foolishness going on around them? I understand. I hated my job once as well. There are […]


Friends, Connections, Followers! Leverage Your Social Community

Friends, Connections, Followers! Leverage Your Social Community So much information on how to get a job today it could make your head explode. Searching Google and Bing you will get millions of results and all the information seems to contradict each other, things like “Resumes are Dead” and “Update Your Resume” or “Use LinkedIn” and […]

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new job


#NewJob Human Resources is the best profession in the world - letting someone know they got a #newjob is awesome. It’s one of the few duties that we perform on a regular bases that makes us feel good – very rewarding. An as Expert Resume Writer, who happens to be an HR professional too, I […]


Recruiter’s Corner w/ Geoff Webb

Hi All, Welcome to that latest Recruiter’s Corner webisode. Today we have Geoff Webb, Sr. Sourcing and Staffing Specialist  from Toronto. Geoff and I talked about tips for YOU the job seeker. Please check it out. Connect with Geoff here on LinkedIn. As as always, “You or someone you know needs help with their credentials […]

Dream Job

Resume is the 1st step to finding that Dream Job, but not the last!

Resume is the 1st Step to finding that Dream Job, but not the last FYI, an awesome resume is the only the 1st step to getting a new job. The job search is complicated and more involved than in previous decades. Today in the aftermath of the recession and the emergence of social media everything […]


Recruiter’s Corner w/ David Smooke of SmartRecruiters

Welcome to the latest Recruiter’s Corner with David Smooke of SmartRecruiters. SmartRecruiters is a free ATS out in California with clients all over the country. David is talking to us live from the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, its the biggest HR Tech conference with over 300 vendors and 8000 attendees. Check us out […]