Horrible Resume

5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is STILL Horrible

5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is STILL Horrible Folks, I see a lot of resumes – a lot of them – and most are not good. The funny thing is that the people with the WORST resumes really believe that they are good. Seriously, I’ve had people tell me, “I know my resume is good […]


You Hired a ResumeWriter/Service and They Ripped You Off!

Oh I get it now…You got screwed over by a resume writer or service in the past! I’m getting more clients that have been down the road of hiring a resume writer and getting burned. They’re a little nervous and skeptical about hiring someone else because they sought help, paid for it and yet the […]

Resume Sucks

It’s Not That You Aren’t Talented, It’s Just Your Resume Sucks!

You want to know why your phone isn’t ringing off the hook with job offers? Or why you aren’t getting those interviews that you KNOW you qualify for? Well, let me tell you, it’s not that you’re not talented, it’s your resume; it sucks. The worst part is you may not even realize it. Here’s […]