You Don’t Need a Resume Writer Because Resumes are Useless


“Resumes are dead”, “Resumes are old school”, “You don’t need a resume you need a social identity.” The debate never ends. Let me tell you this, I never started out wanting to be a resume writer. I’ve always wanted to use my Master’s Degree in HR in positive way to help people and business. In 2009, at the height of the recession, I found out just how important resumes were/are.

Recently, a client sent me this article titled “6 Reasons Why You Should Not Hire a Resume Writer.” The article was originally posted on and it’s a guest blog post by Eric Olavson of Giraffe Resume. My client wanted to know what I thought of the article, and I think she was surprised when I told her I agree with Eric! Here’s a snippet and link to the entire article.

“Resume writers often focus on telling you about when you need their services (*cough* always). But this is disingenuous. I find there’s an awesome spectrum in the quality of resumes. Some are amazing. And the rest aren’t so good. So I’m going to help you recognize when you are part of the elite that don’t need a resume writer.

  1. You Are Getting Interviews….” READ MORE HERE.

The other 5 reasons are pretty good too. You should read it.

Then ironically, I noticed this guy “Findlay Hilchie” @FindlayH on Twitter was following me and retweeting and sharing some of my work online – which is awesome, but I noticed he was not a fan of resumes. I was suspicious, because there are some people on twitter you enjoying picking fights and creating disruptive chaos and I have no time for that noise.  Although it turns out Findlay doesn’t think much of resumes, he does understand how SOME people may need them.

He wrote an article “Resumes Are Almost Pointless.” What I like about it (other than the awesome shout-out) is how he explains his point of view on resumes. He doesn’t claim that what works for him will work for you. He seems to understand that just because he has no idea where his resume is; that’s NOT YOUR REALITY.

“I actually have no idea what happened to my resume. I know I had one once, but that was probably seven years ago. If you check my current employee file at Equals6 you will find that my resume is even missing there. I pride myself on being employed based on what my online profiles say…” READ MORE HERE.

As a guy who prides himself on writing kick ass resumes, which are distinctive and eye-catching, without using templates or traditional rhetoric, you may find it odd that I agree and like both of these articles. But really it’s simple. I want to help people get back to work or find better work. So if you have a great resume and you are getting calls - may the Force be with you and keep on rocking.

But if you are frustrated with your job and job search and no one is calling you back, then you NEED A RESUME WRITER! You need to invest in a resume writer to help you get noticed – that’s what we do. I’ve worked with Executives and I’ve worked with the unemployed – trust me there is always SOME money available for the important things in your life, and other than family, what’s more important than your career?