Résumés’ Aren’t That Damn Important, Are They?


We need them – some are good – most aren’t. We all think we can write them ourselves – we’re somewhat embarrassed to ask for help with them – No one wants to spend money on them– yet the crux of everything that matters to us depends on our resumes. I spend a fair amount of time reassuring new clients that my services are worth it and they will see a return on the investment –  they will get calls from recruiters and hiring authorities. Most accept the terms and go on to get new jobs offers pretty quickly. But some just don’t think resumes are that damn important.

Think About It

From the time you enter Kindergarten, you are creating your résumé.  You go to school, you compete in sports, you participate in afterschool activities and you volunteer – all to create a good academic résumé.  You go to college or to the military so you can add that to your résumé.

Some people lie on their résumé – it’s reported that 55% of all resumes have some embellishments. We want to make ourselves sound important. We use empty descriptors to convince the audience that we’ve done waaay more than we’ve really done.

But why?  We do it to enhance our quality of life, to buy nice things and take care of our families. It’s that important!

A good résumé helps you get a good job, a good career, and a good life. The kind that you want to brag about to your friends or when you are in a room full of people, and most importantly when you meet that guy or girl of your dreams.  – BAM, you want to them to know you are a big effing deal!

As a human resource professional and resume writer, I’ve seen hundreds of résumés. There are literally thousands of different jobs and careers out there. We are a nation of skilled and talented people – many of whom happen to have poorly written and designed résumés.

It’s important for you to have a good résumé because of all of the competition in the job market. There are 12 million active seekers and an additional 20 million passive seekers (those are the folks who are working full time already but are looking for better jobs) that’s a bunch of resumes that a hiring manager receives.

I’m convinced most people KNOW that their résumé needs help; they are either too cheap or too afraid to get help. The folks who are serious about their careers and the money they want to make, are not too afraid nor cheap. They make the investment because they know the stakes are high and the importance of having a great resume, cover letter and LinkedIN profile. You should too.

Résumés are so damn important because they are at the center of everything that we need to live a happy life.

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