Recruiter’s Corner w/ Geoff Webb

Hi All,

Welcome to that latest Recruiter’s Corner webisode. Today we have Geoff Webb, Sr. Sourcing and Staffing Specialist  from Toronto.

Geoff and I talked about tips for YOU the job seeker. Please check it out.

Connect with Geoff here on LinkedIn.

As as always, “You or someone you know needs help with their credentials and job search - join the resume crusade.” contact me ‘[email protected]’

2 thoughts on “Recruiter’s Corner w/ Geoff Webb

  1. I think it would have been a great webisode, but the sound is horrible. Too much of an echo to be able to follow it.

    1. Jen, I been wrestling with the sound quality on each of these. I will try to figure this out. Thanks for the feedback - no pun intended.

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