Outplacement & Displaced Services

Even in a thriving economy hard business decisions have to be made. Companies are still executing reduction in workforce or lay-off strategies. Many times these workers are re-entering the job market after many years of gainful employment and they are not aware of the many changes in the job search, most just within the last 2 to 3 years alone.

In order to soften the impact of having to look for a new job  and to show outgoing employees a measure of courtesy, companies will pay for and provide outplacement services which consists of an updated resume, cover letter and redesigned LinkedIn profile.  In addition, some companies will provide executive talent with displaced services which includes the resume, cover letter and LinkedIn package along with interview tips, negotiation strategies, career coaching and on going job support.

These services can be bundled and customized to accommodate the company’s budget or purchased separately by the displaced employee.

I am excited to offer Outplacement and Displaced Services to my clients. Prices vary depending upon the number of employees being accommodated, the career levels and desired services. For Displaced Services the prices also vary and the cost for ongoing support is based on a quarterly commitment with a minimum of 3 months.

Visit the Services page for an idea of my prices.

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