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What Does Your Resume Say About You?

What Does Your Resume Say About You? Believe it or not, your resume says a lot about you as a person and possible employee. No one likes to be judged however in the job market and hiring game; it’s all about judgment. They want to know as much as possible before making the costly decision […]


You Hired a ResumeWriter/Service and They Ripped You Off!

Oh I get it now…You got screwed over by a resume writer or service in the past! I’m getting more clients that have been down the road of hiring a resume writer and getting burned. They’re a little nervous and skeptical about hiring someone else because they sought help, paid for it and yet the […]


You Don’t Need a Resume Writer Because Resumes are Useless

“Resumes are dead”, “Resumes are old school”, “You don’t need a resume you need a social identity.” The debate never ends. Let me tell you this, I never started out wanting to be a resume writer. I’ve always wanted to use my Master’s Degree in HR in positive way to help people and business. In […]