Why Looking For a Job Sucks (like really bad)

Why Looking For a Job Sucks (like really hard) I don’t know a single person who enjoys looking for a new job…no one at all. I know some that will do it whenever necessary but I don’t know anyone who relishes the experience of looking and finding a new job. The entire process of job […]

Job Frustration

To Help You Get a Job

If you haven’t figured it already, this website was created to help you get a job. The job market is tough. The competition is fierce. There is so much confusion as to what to do and what not to do. I recently wrote “The 10 Worst Thing to Put on Your Resume” and it received […]


You Don’t Need a Resume Writer Because Resumes are Useless

“Resumes are dead”, “Resumes are old school”, “You don’t need a resume you need a social identity.” The debate never ends. Let me tell you this, I never started out wanting to be a resume writer. I’ve always wanted to use my Master’s Degree in HR in positive way to help people and business. In […]