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Listen Up Jobseekers! (#Podcasts)

Hi All, Here are a couple of podcasts in which I was a special guest discussing resumes, interviews and job searching. Turns out that people really do listen and like podcasts. 1. Mark Anthony Dyson’s Voice of the Job Seeker Podcast, “The Most Challenging Job Interview Question” 2.  On Chris Russell’s Career Cloud click here […]

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Today More People Are Quitting And You Should Too!

There used to be honor and honesty in the corporate America but those days are gone – or at least fleeting fast. Average job tenure is 3.5 years. The unemployment rate is 5.5% and poaching is a large part of that as well (companies taking the talent of other companies). Consumer confidence is up, meaning […]

You Don’t Need Social Media to Get a Job

It wouldn’t hurt but nope, you don’t need it. There are many other ways to get a job. Social media is a tool for connecting and communicating. It’s also an inexpensive way to promote events,  market products and services (e-commerce). But now business has caught up to it’s power and influence and  It’s being used […]


Can’t Use LinkedIn Because the Boss is Watching

Can’t Use LinkedIn Because the Boss is Watching More and more of my resume clients are afraid to use LinkedIn. When I explain that LinkedIn has reported over 225,000,000 registered users and the fact there are plenty of job opportunities and companies on LinkedIn, it changes nothing. Then I go on to explain how employers […]