Some People Are Sick and Tired of Resumes


People are sick and tired of resumes! 

Many people have given up on the resume. They think they are pointless and useless. They think that after all these years that there has to be a better way. Many think that social media and technology will replace the resume. I happen to feel different about the resume. The resume, to me, is like the wheel. The wheel just keeps on rolling along. Some people prefer to fly, others like the water but at some point you need wheels.

For a few years now we heard about certain companies using social media networks to engage candidates online and hold conversations in order to evaluate them as a fit for the company. However, we see that people don’t really want to use social media that way, they just want to have fun and troll others. We also know that there are more internet accessible mobile devices than tooth brushes yet, people don’t relish job hunting at all.

Let me tell you something about talented people. Top talent does not troll the internet looking for jobs and conversations. They do not sit around and wait to be tweeted or snapped. They are too busy working. Top talent gets poached, called, invited to lunch, dinner or golf. In fairness, top talent might not even need a resume initially.

I have worked with many people who have worked 10, 15, 20 or 25 years with no resume at all, they simply kept getting jobs based on their accomplishments and who they know. But at some point, just like those who like to fly, they need wheels or in this case a resume. I believe in the resume because I have seen first-hand how important it is.

The major problem with resumes is that we have been conditioned to think they all should look and sound the same. We should all have “objectives” and “professional summaries” and “qualifications of summaries” and “career highlights” and many of us decided to put all that stuff on our resume – thus making it extra-long and drawn out; less readable, scannable…more convoluted.

Another problem with resumes is that most companies use automation to scan candidates via an Applicant Tracking System or ATS. These systems scan in a very basic format, looking for a certain design style and key words. So as much as corporate America wants to complain about resumes, the ATS is as much the problem as anything else.

Again, if I am being honest, there are bad resume writers too. Some are doing things according to the certification guidelines that they were taught but things change…rapidly. Recruiters, sourcers and hiring managers are not the same as in the past. You need someone who is keeping current with today’s trends. Someone who knows how to adjust your resume for your industry. You need someone who is open to customizing the resume to best fit your needs and not according to a standardize process.

Resumes aren’t bad. I have come to learn that no matter the mechanism: resume, LinkedIn profile, social media…whatever, it has to be updated and current and who is going to do that? You?

Don’t blame resumes because if done right, they still open doors and deliver jobs.


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