Don’t Give Up On The Holiday Hiring Season

It’s the Holiday Hiring Season, Here’s What You Should Know.

Yes, it’s the holidays, 2018! It may not feel like it with all the madness on the news (pipe bombs and shootings) but it is and every year I am asked questions about the holiday hiring season. Questions like, “Do companies still look and hire during the holidays?” or “Should I just wait until the new year to find a new job?” Good questions because you may have heard that during the final quarter of the year companies usually try to cut costs so they can report high end of the year earnings or profit margins so they don’t hire because hiring is one of the most costly and expensive investments a company can make.

However, that’s an old school practice (waiting until Q1 to hire). In fact, companies actually do hire during the final quarter of the year to get a jump on the new year. Many companies believe the most dedicated workers are still looking through the holiday season while too many job seekers are content to take a break during to focus on family and buying stuff for Christmas versus thinking of their careers.

I can tell you from personal experience, as a resume writer, some of my most dedicate clients have found the biggest jobs in October, November, and December. As I am typing this I am reminded of two clients from 2017 that interviewed for new jobs in November and December of 2017 and accepted roles that began in January of 2018. They were announced as new employees at the Christmas party and were able to hit the ground running in the new year. So don’t believe the hype, you can still find a great job now and check that off of your new year’s resolution list.


Some top companies may be hiring seasonal workers to pick up the slack or handle overflow for the holiday season - this is an excellent opportunity for you to join a company and show your true value. Many, many, many employees began as a seasonal employee and turned that into a full time job.