Resume is the 1st step to finding that Dream Job, but not the last!

Dream Job

Resume is the 1st Step to finding that Dream Job, but not the last

FYI, an awesome resume is the only the 1st step to getting a new job. The job search is complicated and more involved than in previous decades. Today in the aftermath of the recession and the emergence of social media everything has changed. There are no more want ads, they have been replaced with job boards, social recruiting, and informal networks yet word of mouth is still pretty effective.

Be Ready

At the time of this article the American Government is shut down and hundreds of thousands of employees are furloughed – without pay or benefits. As a result there are even more people looking for work. It’s so much competition in the job market that you must be prepared for opportunity whenever it appears.

As a resume writer I get plenty of requests for rush job resumes because an opportunity has presented itself to someone and they were not ready for it. So are you ready for that dream job? The thing about dream jobs is that they do not just come along every day. Most often it takes time, a whole bunch of time to find the right one but when you least expect it - WHOOP, There it is!

Dream Job Hiding Spots

The dream job could be hiding in plain sight! Think about where you are looking for work, are you only looking on one or two job boards? Have you used LinkedIn? Have you joined any groups on LinkedIn? Do you attend networking events in your area? When was the last time you went to a job or career fair? Are you on Twitter (professionally)?

All of those are great examples of opportunities to find DREAM JOBS - I have clients who have found success in each of those areas. It really works!

But the most important part is that my clients were prepared. They invested in their resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles so when they came across that dream job, they were ready to apply. They produced professionally crafted credentials which let the employer know they were serious about their careers. Let me ask you again; are you ready for your dream job?

Here are a few tips

  • Update Your Resume – let someone help you (you need help)
  • Redefine Your Search – Use job boards, Apps and IRL networking
  • Update Your Social Media – Clean up your social media accounts (ADD A PICTURE TO YOUR LINKEDIN ACCOUNT)
  • Use Social to Search – Connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter and read corporate websites

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