Today More People Are Quitting And You Should Too!

There used to be honor and honesty in the corporate America but those days are gone – or at least fleeting fast. Average job tenure is 3.5 years. The unemployment rate is 5.5% and poaching is a large part of that as well (companies taking the talent of other companies). Consumer confidence is up, meaning people aren’t afraid to quit their jobs anymore. And wages are starting to increase, especially for top talent, they are being offered outstanding compensation packages. The term “job hopper” used to be a career killer but I don’t think it is as much anymore.

More and more people are finding themselves looking for a job after 10, 15 or even 20 years working for one company and all of a sudden they are told “Your services are no longer needed.” Just like that. Don’t believe me? I am getting more resume clients who have been cut by their employer via a youth movement or a simple change in leadership – either way, my clients are back in the job market. After talking with many of them it is clear that it’s all business out here, no loyalty at all. You may have sacrificed time with family and personal goals however when it was time to shift gears, you will be dropped with little regard.

All this may sound bad but actually, I think it’s good! This is why love when people quit their job versus being let go. Sounds odds but today you need to look out for yourself because most companies won’t look out for you. The boss will tell you everything is fine while looking for a job and they will convince you stay with the company knowing full well they are about to quit.  Has that happened to you yet?

Nearly 2.8 million people quit their jobs in January up 17% over last year. When people quit that means there are more jobs available – they don’t have to put up with crappy companies, bosses and co-workers anymore. Check out this article on CNN Money by Matt Egan “Good News: More Workers are quitting”. That is good news, you don’t have to stay and suffer, unless you want to.

Here are the top 6 reasons you should quit your job today – right now.

6. You hate it. I mean you really hate your job and it changes your mood as soon as you walk in the door. Life is too short to be miserable.

5. You don’t fit in. Maybe everyone just goes to their cube and tries not to be bothered, or you hear “That’s not my job” on a daily basis or maybe it’s not working out and you keep hoping things will change…probably not.

4. Everyone is quitting. It’s like they say, “when the rats start jumping overboard, it’s time to abandon ship”. If everyone is quitting around you then there is something wrong with that place and you should consider a move too.

3. Working there is embarrassing. Slightly different than hating it because maybe you don’t hate the work you do but the company keeps making negative headlines and poor choices. Think Wal-Mart vs. Target, Twitter vs. Instagram, American Apparel and Ambercomie & Fitch.

2. You’re not respected. They do not value your input and the only time they need you is when they want you to do more work.

1. You are grossly underpaid.

There are so many more reasons to quit your job and find a better, just like the guy in that article I shared above, he’s making more money then ever and if he is not happy with his situation he moves on - just like everyone else.


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