5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is STILL Horrible

Horrible Resume

5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is STILL Horrible

Folks, I see a lot of resumes – a lot of them – and most are not good. The funny thing is that the people with the WORST resumes really believe that they are good. Seriously, I’ve had people tell me, “I know my resume is good but I just want you to check it out.” And when I look at it, it needs help – badly. So I want to give to you the 5 reasons why your resume is bad!

  • You are too close to it.

It’s hard for you to be objective about your resume because you’re too close to it. I mean it’s your experiences, your skills and your life on the line. Who knows your life experiences better than you? No one, right? Except this is about a job – a career and not your entire life.  You can’t be critical of your own accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses because you feel everything you’ve done is valuable, but it just doesn’t work like that in the real world.

  • You don’t listen to advice.

There are hundreds – thousands of pieces of advice out there about resumes, job interviews and coaching tips, but for some reason you ignore it all. For instance, please remove the objective statement from your resume. But I still see it time and time again. If you can’t afford to hire someone, then at least pay attention to the free advice out here.

  • You want to be a jack of all trades.

I understand that companies want to do more with less. I understand that you want to show your value however when applying for a job, you need to paint yourself as a specialist. You want to be someone that can come in and resolve a specific problem in a variety of ways. You need to show how you can use your special skillset to save them money, fix their issue and be an asset.

  • You have neglected your resume.

Microsoft word has been updated. Resume designs have been updated. Formatting has been updated. What’s acceptable has changed. When I open a new client’s resume, I can tell instantly if they have put any effort into or not. I can see right way why they are having troubles receiving phone calls from recruiters. Hire someone to help you. It makes a huge difference. Seriously, I’ve helped hundreds get new jobs and some make more MONEY than ever before. It’s all about the resume.

  • Your resume is too long.

Most resumes have  run on sentences, packed with information, multiple thoughts and accomplishments. Many of these things can be combined better or just separated.  When I see a bullet point with 3 or 4 sentences packed together, I know that this resume is too wordy. I see 1500 word resumes and just like the viral video “Sweet Brown – ain’t nobody got time for that!” Even the ATS doesn’t even have time for that.

So bottom-line – in the job market, it’s the battle of the fittest – with all the competition out there a “good enough” resume won’t get you the job interview. You need a great attractive resume.

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