Pink Slips for Christmas


Pink Slips for Christmas

Many Americans are getting pink slips for Christmas. Everyday someone is being fired or laid off and believe it or HR doesn’t enjoy it at all, however it’s a part of life. I say that because as an HR professional I can tell you for a fact that 95% of all HR people do not enjoy terminating employees. It’s a stressful and emotional process.

What’s worse is having to develop and administer layoff strategies – putting a group of people out of work is a horrible feeling. Especially during the holidays but again, it’s part of life.

Regardless of what you see on social media people are dealing with stress, pressure and depression all the time which is always tough but especially during the holidays. So, adding a lay off or job loss can be brutal and have a crippling effect.

As previously reported on this blog and many other websites, Groupon, ESPN, HP and Catepillar all have announced layoffs. Target is closing several locations around the country as well. Locally, in my area, there have been several buy-outs and downsizing initiatives which has put lots of people into the job market all at once.

It’s important to remember that layoffs are no indication of a person’s work ethic or personality, it happens to high performers as well. I am always honored when someone dealing with a job loss entrusts me to recreate their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profiles to get them prepared for what could be a lengthy job search.

And old resume and neglected social profile could be the difference between an interview or a rejection email.

Believe me it helps and it matters.


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