Companies Still Hire During the Holiday Season


Hiring still happens during the holiday and I am not just talking about Amazon, FedEx, UPS, the Post Office and retail stores, either.

I remember last year paying close attention to my clients and friends who were in the job market. I wanted to know if they got jobs – good jobs – if companies were hiring or if they stopped hiring for the holiday season.

Many job seekers give up or take a break around this time of the year because they have “heard” that companies don’t hire during the holiday and they wait until the new year. Well, that happens but not as much as it used to.

Companies know that recruiting and finding talent is the most important function of HR. Ask any owner or CEO what’s tops on their list of things and recruiting is number 1 or 2. As you know, unemployment is 5.1%, that’s low but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy. In fact most people aren’t happy and they are looking for new jobs.

Getting back to my friends from last year, I am happy to report that 3 out of 4 of them accepted new jobs around this time (holiday season) last year and they are still working at the same places now. These were not seasonal jobs either, they were full time positions with benefits and with great companies. The 4th friend accepted a new job in March of 2015 and she is pretty happy too.

My point, companies still hire during October, November and even December. Don’t stop looking because it’s the holidays. Yes, EPSN, Groupon, Catepillar, and HP have all announced layoffs (HP laying off 35,000 alone) but stay optimistic, keep your eyes open and be prepared.


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