The Resume Is STILL Your Best Marketing Tool


I think about resumes a lot. I look at resumes on Pinterest and Instagram all the time. I want to know what’s new and what’s fresh with resumes. I want to stay away from anything old school and outdated. I want to make sure that I use anything that is professional and different. Resumes are fascinating yet complex and frustrating, all at the same time.

Why do employers judge you based on this document?

Why is it fair to make an evaluation of someone’s previous experience and future potential, within 15 seconds?

How can something so simple be so darn hard to create?

You have to have more respect for the resume because a good one can get you in front of the right hiring manager and from there you should be able to get the job. If you have a good resume then you can be referred by your friends (remember the referral is still the best way to get job) so don’t think a crappy resume will work.

Your resume is the best marketing tool for the job world.  It can open many, many doors.

If you would like my help, contact me, if you want to try it yourself then make sure your resume has the following.

1. Clear call to action

2. A branding statement

3. Strengths

4. Education

5. Previous work history

6. Skills section

7. And you get extra points if your resume can tell a story about where you’ve been and where you’re going

Good luck and please consider joining the ResumeCrusade, contact me ‘[email protected]