The College Conundrum: Jobs, Loans and Resumes


It’s that time of the year – commencement ceremonies are all around us. Young people (and not so young) are graduating from college after working hard and earning their degrees. However the party won’t last for long because those pesky student loans are breathing down their necks. According to a recent article written by Akbar Moobin for Campus Progress, the Economic Policy Institute reports that the unemployment rate in 2013 recent graduates ages 21 to 24 is 8.8%.

Lately, I have had several parents contact me to create resumes for their children who have recently graduated from college. The parents know and understand all too well the importance of higher education and having a sweet resume. With the benefit of experience, the older generation has endured hardships and job loss and although they can’t protect their kids from the pitfalls of life, they can do what parents are supposed to do and that’s offer their kids the best chance to succeed.

Some students think that they can easily write a resume because it can’t be tougher than a term paper, right? Well wrong! It’s a totally different process. Resume does not equal term paper!

Check out this article from Melissa Fairman, HR Professional with 10 years of experience, as she breaks down and offers some great words of wisdom to recent grads …”My Advice For College Grads”

I hope you actually read that or at least passed it along to a recent grad.

And while you’re at it, take a look at this article over on TUITION.IO (get it, tuition I owe – clever stuff). They are offering some very helpful tips on getting out of student loan debt with “5 Drastic Tactics to Vanquish Student Loans for Good”

It’s all related, folks.  You need student loans to get the degree, you need the degree to get the job, and you need the job to payback those loans. And the first job out of college is critical to your career path and economic future. Since there is so much competition out there that you have to be on top of your game. Nothing tells an employer that you are serious like a nicely produced, well-crafted resume. So hold off on the pub crawl and invest that money into your future by joining the Resume Crusade.

Let’s get you off to a great start.