There will be no “New You” in the new year with the same old resume

If you type in a Google search “New Year, New You”, you see over 13 billion results. The reason is because that’s a popular phrase with renewed interest each year. Many of us start out the new year on mission - a mission to be healthier, wiser, and of course wealthier.

One road to greater wealth is a better job. There are other ways, like starting your own business or hitting the lottery, which just happened last night (God Bless that lucky soul) but for the rest of us it means, finding a better job. You know the statistics, the unemployment rate is currently at historic lows which means the job market is tighter. Which means there is more competition. Which means you have to stand out in a crowded job market - which means your old resume, with the old heading, and template format from Word, and outdated language is not going to do the trick.

Also, in December there was brand-new crop of college graduates, bootcamp graduates, certification recipients and others who have entered the labor force - all looking for their own new opportunities. Now is time to really move ahead with that resume update. It’s a new year but will it be the same old you?

If you are ready to move forward, let’s work. DM me today.

Chris Fields


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