Take Control of Your Job Search


Last week I wrote an article about how to job hunt like an Executive. I gave 3 tips to search like an Executive (they know what they’re doing). I also gave some DIY advice for those of you who think you do not need professional help. Well, I left one thing off that is also very important. What is it? Keep reading.

So many job seekers sit and apply and apply and apply and apply and apply some more, for any and every job they come across. They get mad and frustrated with the process. They wait for calls and often times the company that calls them is not the one they want. The problem is job seekers tend to hate their jobs so much that they just want to get out and go somewhere else - anywhere else. Or they know that they are about to be laid-off or fired so they scramble to find a job anywhere - with little to no regard to the culture of the next company or specifics of the position.

Currently, I have several clients and a few potential clients who literally hate their jobs. They aren’t the only ones. According to literally every engagement survey, only 15% of people actually LOVE their jobs, (no matter what they post on Facebook). Trust me folks, almost everyone is looking for job happiness. These job seekers are missing one key piece of the job search puzzle but before I tell you what it is I want to share with you an interaction I had on Twitter…check it out.


Basically, another resume expert tweeted a hack or tip, that states you should tailor your resume for every job application you apply for. I disagree with this advice, always have, always will. It’s nothing personal, I know that people with multiple resumes are more confused and frustrated than those with one. Also, Executives do not do that, they have one resume. They have one that tells an employer what they do, how they have done it, how LONG they have done it, how they plan to continue to do it and why a company should hire them to do it!

This is something we all can do. Change your mentality from “I just need a job” or “I can do a lot of things” to “I can do this and I do this well” and “This is what I enjoy doing and why I am valuable”. You would be surprised at how many people with college degrees don’t know what they want to do for a living. They just want a job!

Next, stop looking at job postings and saying to yourself, “Well I can do that…” instead ask yourself “Do I want to do that?” and “Do I want to do that for this company?” Be more selective! Stop applying to everything.

Those are radical shifts in thinking that go against the grain of most career experts, job coaches, and resume writers. Unlike most, I tend to analyze and over analyze things, I look at my Executive clients and see their success versus my other clients, and as stated, there are big differences. Most of the differences come from the approach, confidence and network. Plus, I know my process works. When you know what you want, have confidence in yourself and have your resume credentials updated, and are a good person and have a viable network - you have no problem getting jobs, lots of jobs.

My goal is to help people get bigger and better careers. I also want you to take back control of your career by being more aware of the job market landscape - for instance average tenure is 3.5 years, so why look for jobs with the mentality that you are going to be there long enough to retire? If it happens, fine but don’t plan your future around any organization because as we have seen no company is immune to lay-offs, downsizing and even bankruptcy.

In closing, get your confidence up, get your credentials updated and pick the company that fits you, don’t try to fit every company and take control of your job search.


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