Smash the Competition with a Great Resume and LinkedIn Profile


Smash the Competition with a Great Resume and LinkedIn Profile

It’s not just one of the other anymore…you need both! I know you are tired of hearing about how to master the job search because I am! Yes, I wish it would just stay the same – send your resume – get an interview – get the job. I hate that I have to stay current and update to date with all the new stuff that recruiters and hiring manager are looking for, but I do it so you don’t have to. And in fact, I don’t hate it, I kinda like it. I like to keep it real, always have – so the use my HR knowledge (which is huge) and HR connections (which are also huge) and my creativity the help master the job market is a HUGE win!

I love my position in the resume writing game because my perspective is slightly different from the average resume writer. I have been in HR since 1999. I have a Master’s in HR.  I am connected to hundreds of recruiters and HR managers – you see them on my series the Recruiter’s Corner.  I believe the job market is so different and complex that you need someone to simplify it so you know what to do to get that perfect job. I use a unique and fresh perspective for today’s unique job seeker – and its working – my clients are getting jobs – you are next!

It starts with the resume because no matter how you hear about a job – through a word of mouth – a referral from a friend – a call from an former associate – something on a job board – Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn – at some point you have to present a resume. And my many clients can testify to this – having a well-crafted, professional resume that is updated, attractive and current puts you way ahead of anyone else.

This is a true story, a former client called me last week to say that he has gotten every job offer from every company that he has presented his resume to. He went on to say that most of them told him that when they saw his resume they knew they wanted to hire him. Now to be fair, I’ve had some other clients who are experiencing a challenging road to success but I work with them to examine their search and keep them encouraged. Either way they are prepared for any and every situation.

The resume is the 1st step, not the last. Companies are using LinkedIn more and more to search for talent.  Here are some stats to back this up.  If you don’t use LinkedIn you are missing out on valuable job opportunities. There are over 225 million users and it’s the 1st place recruiters go to search for possible employees. That’s why you profile has to have a nice picture – heading and summary full of SEO wording.

As we head into the Holiday season, unfortunately there is still a lot of job uncertainty out here. I know a few government workers who were so upset by the recent shutdown that they are wanting to transition away from the government and try to find something more stable. We all want the same thing in life, to earn a nice living and to take a family vacation. In order to make your Holiday dreams and New Year career goals to come true, you have to keep looking. It’s time to separate you from the rest of the competition. Let’s make sure you are prepared with a nice resume and LinkedIn profile.

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