Keep Your Head on a Swivel (Stay Woke)

Keep Your Head on a Swivel (Stay Woke)

It’s December, 2016. Normally, at this time of the year, I do not have very many clients and I adjust for that, however, as we all know by now, 2016 has been and is like no other year in recent memory.

This December, I have a few new clients and that’s just fine with me. I mention this because, if you read my articles here on the ResumeCrusade, you will know that I am curious about work, jobs, job seekers, the job market and resumes. I blame my HR background for that. So, when these wonderful new clients hired me, my question to each of them was, “So what’s brought you into the job market?”

See, I want to know for many reasons, because believe it or not, when you create custom resumes and cover letters, designed to highlight the person’s story, these things help. When I asked my current December client’s my infamous question, the common theme from each one was something like this, “Because things are starting to happen at my company and I can tell it’s time to start looking.” (paraphrasing)

They are keeping their heads on a swivel. That’s an old-school phrase that basically is the equivalent of what the millennials say today, “Stay Woke”. Which means to pay attention. My clients are paying attention to what’s happening at their company and although none of them are in a hot-fire hurry to look for another job, they are all getting ready for it.

I love it. You see, once upon a time, I was part of corporate America, and I didn’t pay attention to what was going on…my head was not on a swivel…I was sleep. I got laid off and I had only a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. I went back to school and earned my Master’s Degree in HR. After that, I promised myself to never get complacent again.

Now I am a resume writer but I still pay attention to market trends, job statistics, labor relations, political administrations, the unemployment figures and new ways to keep my resume services fresh and different. I do this because I love helping people get new jobs, putting their careers on track, and making lots of money. I feel like it’s my way of using what I know and have experienced to help those who may not have time to pay attention to all those things I just mentioned above.

So, fear not my friends, and potential clients, because when it comes to this job and resume game, I got you, I am fully woke!

Happy Holidays and if you need me, contact me at [email protected]