90 Days to a New Job (New Year’s Resolution)

90 Days to a New You.

I have noticed that it takes most job seekers about 63 days to get a new job. I have had several previous clients reach out to let me know that they secured new jobs within 2 months of working with me.  In most of those cases, they originally gave themselves 90 days to find a new job.

So why so long? Well, that actually is not long at all, think about it, you could have a new job by the Spring or Summer of 2017!

What does it take to get a new job – well, that is a good question and so, here are the answers:

1.       You need to be ready – mentally, physically (wardrobe) mindset and a job strategy.

a.       Are you ready to look for work 2-3 times a week for about 2 hours/day?

b.       Are you frustrated and mad about your current job? Don’t let it show?

2.       Do you have friends? Not just regular friends; friends in high places; influencers; people who can put in a good word for you or even better can hire you?

3.       Is your resume updated? Who updated it, you? Is your LinkedIn updated? How is your social media activity?

4.       Do you know what you want and how much you want to earn?

Over the years I have learned that the most successful job seekers are those who are ready in all aspects of the job search from having an updated resume, linkedIn profile, knowing what they want to do, having a strategy and a great network.

You said it; New Year, New You – well the new year is here, what about you. Give yourself 90 days.

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