Cut Through the Noise and Find #Job Happiness


Cut Through the Noise and Find Job Happiness

Job happiness seems to be very allusive these days. When I encounter someone who genuinely loves their job, I am intrigued and fascinated. I will engage in an open dialogue at any chance I get. One of the main reasons why is because employee happiness or engagement is only 30% which means disengagement or unhappiness is at 70%.

When I think back to my career, I have actually only loved about 30% of the jobs that I’ve have held and I didn’t like the other 70% of my jobs. What’s the problem with jobs? Turns out there are many problems, from bad bosses to terrible co-workers to horrible working conditions.  Some people are mad at work because they have no other options due to limited skills or education. Keep your crazy at home please!

I talk to job seekers all the time. I go to local colleges and speak with students about jobs and transitioning from one career to the next. I get contact by job seekers to update their resumes and I get referral customers. This is my life now and I enjoy it because I like helping people cut through all the noise and one-sided information across the internet.

Job seekers are listening and they are trying to figure how to crack the job code but there are so many different perspectives that it all becomes way too much to handle.

How do you cut through the noise?

  1. Define your happiness. One reason you are confused because you really don’t know what you want to do or what will make you happy. Ask yourself what do you want to do? How do you want to do it? Do you have connections in that industry or field? Do you network or do you pray for a job?
  2. What are you comfortable with? With my customers, I give them my perspective on how their resume and cover letters should look like but every once and a while they tell me to change it up or they don’t like my design – so we change it. I want my clients to be comfortable presenting their resumes so if they want to change something, we do that. If you are not comfortable with some information that you are given, then simply don’t follow it. When you are comfortable, you are more successful.
  3. Check the sources. When you read advice online about jobs, consider the source. Don’t take resume advice from a Tech person if that’s not your industry. Don’t take resume advice from someone who is not connected to Human Resources, Hiring, Recruiting, Leadership or Talent Management. Why would listen to someone who is not qualified?

Finally, don’t let ONE person shake your confidence. Okay this one is tricky because what I am trying to tell you is, if one person says your resume sucks and you don’t think it sucks, then ignore that one person HOWEVER if several people tell you your resume sucks, then you might want to listen to them. Get it? Not everyone is going to like your resume so play the numbers – majority rules!

Stop being a jack of all trades, be a specialist and focus on what you really want to do with your career.

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