Finding #Job Happiness (part 2)


Finding Job Happiness (part 2)

Earlier this week I published the article “Cut Through the Noise and Find #Job Happiness” and after I re-read it, I realized it was not tactical enough and so I decided to write a part 2. I could see this turning into more sequels just like a Marvel Studios movie.


Here’s what I mean, I didn’t give enough advice in finding job happiness. First of all a resume is only a first impression, it helps you get noticed by getting you an interview. You have to nail the interview and handle the negotiation process in order to land the job. In part 1 I talked about how you must know what you want to do first. So many people have no clue, even those in college or with multiple degrees. Shocking!

So let’s go, here are a few steps to finding job happiness.

  1. Get better. You may not like this one but many of you need to update your skills. Take a class, get a degree, get a certification. I’d say 50% of my clients are transitioning, meaning they are trying to leave one career and move into another.  It’s a great thing to move to other careers usually it means you’ve found something that makes you happy – sometimes it means you are looking for a bigger pay day and sometimes both. If you are looking to get paid, you may be betting with your happiness. I understand you have kids, rent, a car payment and a spouse but when you do things only for the money it can be a slippery slope. Here’s why, if you get laid off or fired and you aren’t happy in that industry, no matter how much money they pay you, you will not be satisfied and it will show in your performance and possibly your health.
  2. Get started. I know so many people who either have great ideas or connections which could help them get happier but they do use them. They are afraid so they allow fear to keep them where they are. I truly believe some people like being stressed out and afraid – it’s comfy for them, they are used to it. I say that because they have all the pieces to the puzzle yet they won’t put them together. Seriously, there’s always a “but” or “I have to wait until…” nonsense, all nonsense.
  3. Don’t be afraid of work hard. Oddly enough I can read between the lines quite well, I know a lot of people who aren’t afraid to get started (as stated in #2. above) but they just don’t want to get started because their current job is so easy and it pays well. Look, if you are happy with your current situation then you probably shouldn’t be reading this anyway. BUT, there are those who are unhappy at work yet not afraid of transitioning or trying something new, they are just lazy. They have it made; they can come to work whenever, goofy off or do as little as possible and get a check with benefits - so they aren’t trying to rock the boat. Okay fine, then be unhappy and one day you will look back over your life with regret – trust me on that. #BeenThereDoneThatGotTheShirt
  4. Get help. It’s a 70% chance that if you are reading this you are a female between the ages of 30-39, at least that’s what the latest job seeker statistics show. You are also well educated which is cool but you are probably not well connected. Most of my clients have it all together except the networking piece. Sure they have friends and followers but often they do not have powerful connections. See over 50% of jobs are filled through referral. Even with social media recruiting  the referral is still the biggest, best and most popular recruiting strategy. This means you need to make sure you know somebody who can help you find a new job.  Or use social media to your advantage, don’t just connect on Linkedin, join in the conversations across all social media channels. Attend networking and community outreach events. Go to the professional development social hour. Put yourself out there. We all want to be loners and say we’ve done it ourselves and that’s great, but uhm, how’s that working out for you? Get some help, reach out to your network, if your network is sorry then develop a new one, I did!

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