JOBS: Boomers & Gen-X Have Advantages Over Millennials

…in the job market.

Hiring Boomers and Gen-X has Major Advantages Over Millennials

We hear about Millennials all the time. There are more Millennials than any other generation. They make up half of the world’s population. So you know they are dominating the workforce. They have changed the way we communicate and do business forever with innovations like Facebook but it’s not all good.

When it comes to hiring and jobs, there are strategic advantages that other generations have over the millennials. Before I explain myself, I must say, I don’t have a problem with millennials, personally. I don’t blame them for wanting to get involved with big career projects right away. I don’t blame them for wanting to make an impact and be paid well while they are young. I don’t mind that they challenge the status-quo and career norms. I don’t have a problem with their lack of loyalty to employers because we have seen and continue to see that employers will lay-off or fire you in a heartbeat.  And I don’t mind their aggressiveness in the pursuit of worklife balance.

I’m not just making this up, studies show, millennials have just as much downside as up à

Their shortcomings are areas of opportunities for the rest of us. Here are 3 things that most Millennials don’t do well, if at all.

  1. They don’t know how to dress. Sorry young folks but you have no idea about how to dress for an interview, business meeting, business dinner or office environment. They want to wear their sweats, flip-flops, hoodies, skinny jeans, yoga pants, stretchy jeans, and jeggings all the time.  They want to be comfortable, I get it but studies show that the better you dress, the better you feel and when you feel well you tend to work better. Older workers know how to dress appropriately and don’t mind a dress code and believe me, a well-dressed professional can go a long-long way.
  2. They don’t know how communicate. Sure they can text, send emoji’s and tweet but that ain’t real communication (yes I used “ain’t”). They can be so inconsiderate. For instance, ignoring emails, calls, and texts. Or returning a call with text! And they use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram direct messaging as a way to communicate to people! That’s lame.
  3. They don’t understand body language and eye contact. They aren’t used to it, they have spent too much time playing video games, looking at computer screens, TVs, and tablets and avoiding human interaction.

Another major advantage over Millennials is etiquette – other generations are more articulate and collaborative. We also know how to write letters: formal letters, business letters and email letters. DYK most millennials have never written a business letter and don’t even know the proper format? Some have never mailed a letter or written a check! And forget cursive writing. Also, we know how to get to work on time and get things done in a collaborative setting. Older generations are more resourceful, less sensitive and have persevered through more ups and downs – which could be an advantage at work.

Bottom line, Millennials lack soft skills which are important – once again, this is not the gospel according to Chris Fields, there are several articles and studies on the subject. Here are 2 of them, and my personal favorite which says, research shows, Millennials have “ABYSMAL” soft skills. Ha…that’s good.

Most employers are excited about someone they can depend on, who is enthusiastic about coming to work and can communicate well with them.

Use these weaknesses to your advantage in the job market.

(of course not all millennials have these issues, it’s just a few bad apples that spoil the bunch)


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