Are 76% of Unprofessional Résumés Really Thrown Out?

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Are 76% of Unprofessional Really Thrown Out?

I saw an interesting post on Instagram the other day, it read “Unprofessional resumes account for 76% of rejected applications.” That is a staggering stat if it is true, so I decided to do some fact checking. And well…it turns out that the statement is not entirely UNtrue

According to multiple sources, the actual statistic is “76% of resumes with unprofessional email addresses are rejected immediately.” I know my friends and I often laugh at some of ridiculous email addresses out there, i.g., “[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]”, so I know email names are very important, especially if you want to be a Manager, Director or Executive.

Some of you are breathing a sigh of relief however, just because you have a professional email address that doesn’t mean you are out of the “rejected candidate” woods.

There are no official stats about rejected unprofessional resumes or as I like to call them, ugly resumes.

I decided to do some research on “ugly resumes” to see how many of them are rejected. I could not find any stats on ugly resumes but let me assure you there are plenty of ugly resumes out there. The thing about ugly resumes is that there are so many of them that if recruiters tossed out candidates because their resumes are ugly then they would throw out 95% of all applicants. So why should you invest in updating your resume? Well if 95% are ugly, then 5% are attractive and if you are among the 5% you have a better chance of getting a call for an interview versus someone with an ugly resume.

If you ask any recruiter what do that hate about resumes they will all tell you the same things; 1. They all look the same, 2. They are boring, 3. They are don’t give enough relevant information.

But just think for a moment, if 76% of all resumes with unprofessional email addresses are rejected then how many resumes with bad formats, errors and unimportant information are rejected?

We live in a visual world. We love attractive things. We want an attractive house, attractive cars, attractive watches, attractive wardrobe, attractive spouse, attractive children, an attractive job…we are attracted to attraction.

So if you want to attract the attention of the hiring manager, then you have to have an attractive resume package, this way you won’t get rejected for that attractive job that you really want.

And by the way, 88% of resumes are rejected if you submit a photo with them!


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