Patience is the key to job success!

Patience is the key to job success

I can’t tell you how many times I have told a client (recently) to be patient. I know they are reading this and I want them and you all to know it’s not just one person that I am referring too– it’s at least 4, and that’s just recent conversations which I can recall from off the top of my head.

Everyone wants a job NOW! In fact, I wish I could promise a job overnight but of course I can’t. I have had clients to get new jobs in 2 days and I have had to work with others for 6 months or longer. It varies. If you research the subject you will find articles like this one, which says for every $10,000 in salary you want you can add a month to your search, so if you want $60,000 it could take 6 months. I don’t quite agree. Then there is the Bureau of Labor and Statistics which breaks down the unemployment periods but that’s different because most people are already working but still looking.

I read a tweet from another job expert whom I trust, Chris Russell, which said the average job search takes 60+ days. That’s about right. So it’s imperative that you have patience and know what you want (not just a job).

Here’s what happens when you are impatient in the job market.

1.       You make poor decisions.

2.       You lose your bargaining position and negotiation power because you are desperate.

3.       You get frustrated and you make life miserable for all those around you.

4.       You end up not liking your decision and began to wonder about what could have been.

5.       You take the first thing that comes your way and end up feeling unsatisfied, disengaged and unhappy (career wise).

6.       You become even more indecisive with job choices and your confidence is shot.

7.       You keep looking for a jobs when you should be focusing on your current job.


Here’s what you need to do to in order to be successful in the job market.

1.       Be patient

2.       Write down your top objectives. (What kind of job do you want? the pay? the benefits?)

3.       Prioritize the jobs/companies in order of desire.

4.       Look for jobs that you truly want versus any ole job that you can do.

Do these things and exercise some patience because the job search can take some time.


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