When It’s Time to Quit (2 Weeks Notice part 2)


In May, I published an article “Putting in Your 2 Weeks Notice” and it is the biggest – most viewed – most shared article on the RésuméCrusade website with nearly 1000 views. Each week the article continues to be searched on the net. So I decided to write a sequel. Let’s get right into it – here’s what you need to know about the 2 weeks notice!

  1. The 2 weeks notice is not rule or law. So you don’t have to give your employer one. It’s a courtesy; unless you are under an employment contract. And If that’s the case you need to read your contract for the termination clause.
  2. Next the 2 weeks notice or letter of resignation does not have to be any particular length. It can be as simple as “I quit” or “I resign” and then the effective date; i.e. “effective immediately” or “effective on (Month – Day –Year)”


Most people use the 2 weeks notice as an opportunity to vent – rant – go on a diatribe about how much you hate the company – hate the boss – snitch on all the poor employee behavior that they’ve witnessed or experienced – or even confess to their own bad behavior.

I do not recommend you create an angry document using a profanity laced statement of hatred. It’s tempting because you are frustrated and now moving on, however you must remember it’s a small world. You may burn some bridges that could cost you valuable opportunities in the future. Keep in mind that the person you curse out today could be hired at the company you are moving to tomorrow.

Sure you’ll feel better but you won’t be taken seriously. The company will just feel better about you leaving AND some 2 week notices can be documented and used against you if you file a grievance.

Request an Exit Interview

With 12 years of experience in and around the world of human resources, I totally understand that most companies are run by incompetent leadership. Bad leaders hire and promote unqualified managers, who in turn promote their buddies, who make bad decisions and totally screw up the workplace. You see it all - the hypocrisy and the abuse. You tolerate it – turn a blind eye – grin and bear it – and try to get along for as long as you can, but now you are free and want let it all out. Check out this audio click from a DJ known as “Inetta the Moodsetta”.

Pretty funny right? She did that live on the air. I’m sure she felt good about it.

Again, I don’t recommend that behavior but I can relate to it and surely you can too. Try to be professional all the way up to the end. Write your notice and let them know you are more than willing to explain why you are leaving in an exit interview – that’s if your company cares. Some do and others don’t.

Fear of Retaliation

Some bosses can be mean, spiteful and miserable. Some are extremely insecure and controlling and some even stalk their employers. I will write an article about stalking your employees online soon. They use intimidation and implied threats on their employees in order to keep them from looking for new jobs and going to HR to report wrong doing. This perpetuates the fear of stepping forward and speaking out against the boss. Many employees suffer in silence until they find a new job. And that’s when they want to use the 2 weeks notice to put the employer on blast – again understandable but not recommended.

Retaliation is unlawful but when has that stopped anyone, especially if the HR department doesn’t care?

When you find that NEW job, use your 2 weeks notice to explain why you are leaving and to inform human resources and upper management about problems that they may not be aware - but be careful, you don’t want to seem angry, jealous, petty, unintelligent and bitchy.

I hope these tips help you in putting in your 2 weeks notice. And remember the first step to landing a new job is having a great, eye catching resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I’ve helped quite a few people get better jobs, new jobs and make more money$$ and I’m ready to help you.

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