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Hi All,

Sometimes I wonder if you get tired of me telling you my perspective on jobs and resumes so I wanted to share with you some very good and interesting articles to help you get that next job but first remember your resume and cover letter are the first steps, so get those credentials fixed up.

Remember I told you that your resume gets only 6 seconds of a recruiter’s time? Ever wonder what a recruiter looks at on your resume? Well here is a quick video from the Business Insider where they asked 24 recruiters. Check it out here.

People ask me all the time, “What makes a good LinkedIn summary?” Well it’s not one thing, its several. But I believe that you should always make your Linkedin engaging and brief. Which reminds me, I need to edit my own profile, it’s starting to looked bloated and verbose like many of the ones I see every day – which are super boring and traditional. Anyway, check this article out from Lifehacker “How Recruiters Really Look at Your LinkedIn Profile…”

Recently, I added a “sample” page to this website so you can see exactly what I would do to your resume if you hired me. My process is simple, make it attractive, make it impactful, make it great. Here is an article on Yahoo! That spells it out perfectly, please read “6 Small Resume Changes That Have a Big Impact.”

Okay, that’s all for now. I will be back soon. Enjoy the articles on the ResumeCrusade and if you need help with your credentials contact me ‘[email protected]’.