Tips You SHOULD Use #JobSeekers #Interviews


Tips You SHOULD Use #JobSeekers #Interviews

Let’s help you get closer to that job you really want. Here some articles I’ve seen in and around the web that are dead on correct.

First. When you apply for job, do you know what the recruiter does when they get your resume? Well, check this one out from Susan P. Joyce on the Huffington Post “What 80% of Employers Do Before Inviting You For An Interview” read it here.

When writing resumes there are some words I try to avoid if at all possible for instance I do not like using “Responsible for”. I think it sounds weak. Well here’s an article that lists “9 Words That Should Never Be on Your Résumé” to be honest, there are a couple on the list that I like such as “Innovative” and “Problem Solver” but the others I agree with. Check it out. From Aaron Gouveia on

It doesn’t matter how young or old, we all are nervous about an interview. Most of us have problems explaining our accomplishments because we feel like we will come off like self-absorbed jerks. Here’s some advice. Years ago, I had a big time interview, with a big time company. And the interviewer said, “Well, Chris go ahead and brag on yourself.” I replied “I’m not good at that sort of thing.” And she said “Well, there are only 2 of us in this room and I don’t know you.” Hey someone is going to have to do it, so it might as well be you, get comfortable discussing your accomplishments, practice your responses, be prepared.

Interviewing is tough. Here is a really great article from Drew Hendricks on titled “Nail These 5 Interview Questions and Get Your Dream Job”.

I’ll be back soon with more tips and insight to help you get hired!

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