Hire Older Workers If You Want To Improve Your Workplace

Facts: Young people take things for granted. Don’t argue with me, it’s a fact of life.  We all take things for granted in our youth and don’t really regret it until we get older.  Again, don’t argue. I’m 46 now and for the past 6 years, I could have been a candidate for age discrimination […]


Rebranding At Any Age

Rebranding At Any Age Lately, I have been working with older more experienced people who are looking to either re-enter the job market or transition to something less demanding. One concern that they all seem to have is using their experience without branding themselves as an “old-timer”. The job market can be very fickle – […]


Too Old to Work Here (Age Discrimination is a Real Thing)

Too Old to Work Here  (Age Discrimination is a Real Thing) Did you know (DYK) that there is a Federal Law against denying someone a job opportunity simply because they are too old? Yes, it’s called the Age Discrimination Act and it protects employees from unlawfully being denied benefits, jobs, opportunities and compensation from an […]