A Simple Thank You

A Simple Thank You

I’m feeling especially thankful this year and it’s all because of you. I want to say “thank you” to those that hired me to update their resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. Thank you to anyone who has referred someone to me for assistance. To those that have emailed me for advice and insight, I want to thank you too. I’m also thanking those that believe me enough to share my services throughout their network and to those that have offered me addition opportunities and projects – thank you.

So many big things have happened to me just by helping you and your friends. I want you to know that when you read something on the ResumeCrusade, it’s coming from a place of help – I’m trying to help as many talented people as possible who are having a tough time find working, rebranding themselves, or understanding all the changes in the job market today – because it has totally changed.

Finally, I also need to thank those that share great content all over the social streams – I read it and to pass it along to those that need it the most.

In 2015, I promise to try to be even better. Learn more about resumes, interview tips and strategies to help you gain an advantage. I promise to give you a 100% effort and never “mail it in”.

If you are eyeing a new career in 2015, let’s talk. Join the ResumeCrusade, contact me ‘[email protected]’.

Thank you and Happy Holidays