A Shift for Job Seekers – (Out with the Old…)

There is a change in the job market today folks and you need to be aware of it.

For people of a certain age (and I am in this category by the way) our opportunities to make big money and prolong our careers are coming to an end. Sorry – its reality. As we get older, the offers for jobs don’t roll in like they used to. That’s why it’s important to maximize your opportunities now. You need to make sure you are competing and winning the big jobs/projects and reaching for the highest possible heights because before you know it you will be on the ending cycle of your career.

Yes, careers have cycles, the first one is right out of college or the military (we call this the first quarter) – the first job is crucial to development of your network connections and career path. The next cycle is the 2nd quarter; this is when you obtain your first real promotion or REAL title. Then there’s the pinnacle, the 3rd quarter, this lasts for the longest time and it’s when you are making maximum money and given lots of responsibility. When you find yourself in this position, it’s time to save more and spend. But remember nothing lasts forever.

Many of my clients hire me to help them to get back to the highest point in their careers. It is not impossible, especially if they return to school or gain a new certification. As long as they are open to change, can take direction from a younger person and willing to learn.

When you are in the end of the 3rd quarter and heading into the 4th quarter, it’s time to plan more for retirement and reinvent yourself. To reinvent yourself, you have to be honest and ask yourself what is working and what isn’t. You have to understand what your strengths are and what your market value is. Most of us want to be paid top-dollar and when you add in responsibilities, we want to be highly compensated but many times we base our needs on bills and not our worth. Employers have to pay you according to industry standards or they risk bankruptcy.

Pay is a big reason why many people are still looking for work. So, who are today’s job seeker? You might be surprised to know, it’s not who you may think. We tend to think of job seekers as the unemployed or those who are working in miserable conditions and although they are out there, the majority of job seekers are currently employed…full time. Yes according to various reports, anywhere from 50 to 60% of full-time employees are looking for new opportunities.

You take the 7 million part-time workers and add the 8 million unemployed and the estimated 10 million full time workers who are passively looking for work and you have about 25 million people or more looking for work in America. They way we look for work has changed too, job boards are dying (a slow death), social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are thriving sources for recruiters and job seekers. Communities pages, career sites, talent pages and apps are gaining ground unfortunately, LinkedIn is falling behind. The best way? Still the good old referral. Some recruiters will scan LinkedIn for talent and there are jobs listed on there but you can find those jobs and more in other areas.

It’s pretty confusing stuff.

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