They Said It Best (more #job advice & tips)

They Said It! (advice & tips)

There are over 150 articles on this website about jobs, resumes, interviews, LinkedIn, social media and the entire job search. However I understand that sometimes, that’s not enough, so when I read articles that I find helpful I like to pass them along to you.

You should know by now how I feel about the whole process – I think most resume can be improved, streamlined, made sexier, and more relevant – but again, don’t take my word for it, here are some articles from other expert thought leaders.

Melissa Fairman, SPHR, HR Manager and Hiring Authority wrote a great article on titled “The One Simple Thing That Will Kill Your Job Search – And How To Fix It”. She gives it to you straight. Check it out here.

This next one actually has some new information to consider. I wrote an article “10 Worst Things to Put On Your Resume” but Peter Economy (gotta love that name) upped the ante when he wrote on, “20 Things You Should Leave Off Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile”

Finally, we often talk about what you should NOT do or what’s bad, well, here is an article by Martin Buckland which tells you what TO DO”12 Resume “Do’s” When Writing Your Primary Career Document”

There you have it.

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