The One Thing You Must Do To Get The Job

The One Thing You Must Do To Get The Job

There are so many rules to finding a job today - more than in the past. Previously, all you needed was a strong network of friends, then there came the Want Ads but they were replaced by online company pages, now you have company pages, job boards, apps and social media.  And for the record, having a strong network will never go out of style, it’s a classic – it’s the one consistent way to get an opportunity.

Today, I want to remind you of the one thing that you must do to get a job that many of you simply forget to do. I know what you are thinking, you think I’m going to say get your resume updated, right? Well, although that’s important that’s not it. Okay, so you think it’s nailing the interview process? Again, it is very important that you do not tank the interview but that’s not the one thing either.

I could continue teasing you with what it is not but I won’t, I’ll tell you right now. The one thing you must do that you are either forgetting to do or don’t know how to do is….ask for the job. You are forgetting to tell the interviewer that you want this job and why! Sounds underwhelming but it’s not, think about when you interview, often times you assume they know you want the job because you’ve applied and you’ve interviewed so obviously you want the job!? No, it may not be so clear.

Here’s why it works:

1. By asking for the job, it sets you apart from all the other passive aggressive job seekers who sit back and expect employers to tell them everything, and chase after them.

2. Its memorable. In a world of job seekers who sell them as “Janes/Jacks of all Trades” this paints you as a different type of candidate who is not taking the “spray and pray” approach to finding a job.

Let me be clear, telling the hiring manager that you want the job is not begging nor is it belaboring the point – it’s distinctive and it lets the interviewer know that you are serious. When you tell a hiring manager that you want the job you don’t want to say things like “I want this job because I have kids” or “I want this job because I need some income” – no! Everyone has those needs. You want to say things like “When I read your job description and researched your company I knew it was a perfect opportunity for me.” or “Everything I’ve read about this job and this company fits with what I want to do professionally, I really want this job” – say it once, more than that can seem desperate.

Sounds uncomfortable but trust me – it will help you land a job – just your desire and attention to detail. If you find the job socially; via Twitter or Instagram, tell them and tell them what compelled you to apply. “I loved your Instagram picture and really wanted to be a part of your team.” When applying for a job– be specific, target the company and the opportunities that you like – find a job you love and you never have to work again.


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