Let’s Breakdown Those Ridiculous Automatically Generated Responses from so called Top Companies.

I hope you are a regular reader of the ResumeCrusade because if you are you already know I try to do things a little different than most resume writers. I really try to get a feel of what my clients are going through today. One such client was so frustrated with the job search experience that he asked for me to share his experience with you.

I think this is interesting because when you read this article I want you to understand that you aren’t reading a gripe-fest from a tee’d off candidate. This guy is savvy but has become tired of the impersonal automated responses of the recruiting process today. By dehumanizing recruiting with apps, video submission interviews, generic responses and applicant tracking systems you are alienating top candidates and damaging your reputation as well as your candidate experience.

Tell me what you think?

“Here’s how candidates feel about the “Dear John” letters we get after applying for gigs.

Dear _________________________  (Oh, at least you could’ve gotten my name right)

Thank you for your interest in the XYZ Inc., position of 311911 Global Social Strategy Lead (Open).  (I was interested in that role, glad you added the req number because that actually matters to someone outside of your HR team (that’s sarcasm, it’s the first clue that makes you feel like you are dealing with a bot).

We regret to inform that we will not be progressing with your candidacy for this particular requisition.  (Do you really regret it? Doesn’t seem like it. In fact, did you even spend a quarter of the time it took me to sign up for your ATS, tell my employment life story, fill out your disclosures to make sure you know who I am and who I am not for your compliance purposes? That took nearly an hour!! Would you mind telling me why your ATS stated I wasn’t a good fit or if a human even looked at my resume. By chance you can share some constructive feedback for the future?) 

This notification is only applicable to this specific requisition. If you have applied, are currently interviewing, or have received or accepted an offer for any other position with XYZ, this notification has no impact on that process.  (Oh, really?  So I guess I should still show up for the interview I have scheduled for the other position?)

We hope you will continue to review job openings at ____________ and apply for the positions you believe are a good match for your skills and expertise.   (Nah, I’m good because I think we have a disconnect as to my skills and expertise and what you are looking for unless  you would like to convince me otherwise.)

At _______ we are always looking for talented people who truly want to make a difference and be a part of helping us to create technology that makes life better for everyone everywhere. (Where is the “eye rolling” emoji?)

Thank you again for applying, and we wish you success in your career search.


Global Talent Acquisition   (Wait, what kinda name is that.  Is that your first name, “Global”?)



This mailbox is not being monitored. If you have a question about  please send an email to onboarding @aol.com. For any other questions regarding HR processes, please submit a case to myHR .”

## end candidate’s story ##

Clearly, you can read the frustration from this candidate and he is not the only. Recently, I have had more resume clients complaining about the amount of time it takes to apply for a job and how disappointed it is to get that quick auto-generated rejection.

Of course, I coach them on ways to get around the ATS but it is becoming increasing harder to connect with a company if you don’t know someone there who can hand deliver and refer you as a candidate.

This is another one of those articles where I don’t have any answers, only encouragement. Don’t give up the fight. As I stated on my LinkedIn profile, hiring slows down in the summer time for various reason but do not abandon your job search, be patient and strategic.