Recruiters Can Be Lazy Too

Recruiters Can Be Lazy Too

Unfortunately, some recruiters will read the title and get really upset with me, they may even troll me on social media or drag me through the comment section, but the truth is some recruiters ARE lazy. And the lazy ones will probably never see this article because they are too busy being lazy. So, where is this coming from? Why am I going after lazy recruiters? I’ll tell you why.

This article has been brewing for some time now, the thought first crossed my mind one day while looking in my own email inbox. As you know, I am a resume writer – it’s my business. But I get emails from company recruiters stating that I have been unidentified as a perfect fit for open positions with their clients. My question is how?  And the answer is, my LinkedIn. They will do a general search on LinkedIn for” Consultant” or “HR” and forget that the words “Resume Writer” is all over my profile, they assume I am looking for a job.

Imagine the average job seeker who sees an email that begins, “Hey, great news you are a match for this position.” Believe it or not, most folks will read the email and apply without even reading the job description. Is that lazy too? Well yeah but the email is manipulative by nature. It plays on the emotion and desire of job seekers. You see, most job seekers are passive, meaning, they don’t look for a job full time, but are interested in opportunities. And just about everyone I know loves getting solicited by a recruiter or CEO to have a conversation about a job. It’s called poaching.

After several conversations with my resume clients, they are being led astray by recruiters who do not research or vet the candidates prior to contacting them about a possible job opening. When recruiters establish interviews with clients before reading their resumes, looking at their cover letters or looking for them on LinkedIn – that’s lazy. I can’t tell you how many of my resumes have said “the recruiter has wasted my time.”

So why does this happen? It’s way too much automation in the human resource process of recruitment AND pressure on some recruiters to increase the interview pool.

How do you know if you are dealing with a lazy recruiter? Here are some signs.

  1. You get emails for jobs that are not even in your areas of interest.
  2. They get your name wrong on the email that they send to you.
  3. They are not sure about the job details; salary, title, location, etc.
  4. They seem unorganized.

Some may say, “Maybe they are overworked and not lazy.” That’s fair however, I was taught that you study a candidate before calling them. This way you understand their needs and career goals. I would only call a person after we had determined that they were a good match for the job. We used to actually read cover letters and resumes before making any contact. Now it seems that some recruiters do a general social search and then shoot off an email.

Kind of how candidates use job boards.


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